Writing From the Classroom: Alejandra Gaspar

Alejandra, known by her friends as Ally, graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles, in 2016.


The Dwelling Star

Abandoned in connected ache, I mold-
My bosom, rusting colors of warm wine,
Then festering in ardor shant define
Our spoiling youth engraved and uncontrolled.
In your decay, I seek thy dust to hold;
To cradle the grapes nurtured by my vine.
Have we destroyed fate with equal lines?
Us forever parallel, hued with gold,

Awaiting an imperfect paradise.
Languid rotting, infecting our magnets
With strengthened splendor and heavy sacrifice.
With defiance bewitching in fragments,
Your tenderly meek fondness must suffice;
I dwelling star, distanced from your planets.


Méditation en L’amour Jeune

Their violent winds bend with thy earthy grace.
You, lovely summer that thawed my sweet grief,
Rise above the jewels that sing to erase
The flower I possess; my darling thief

Take time to breathe, compare me with your keep-
Envious Art cannot taint Music’s heart.
Your sun, my shaping roots; ‘twined as we sleep.
Deep destiny- dark desires- dueling start.

In buried moonlit shadows so divine
Concealed our moments upon secret shelves.
A fragile glass, I am drunk on thy wine
Fearing the boundaries, built by ourselves.

We can change, choose between forces of arrows –
Or we can die in romantic sorrows.


Shades of Sorrow
A poem from “Red Dreams and Whiskey Thoughts”

My dreams were stained at youth –
wine red, rust red, and drenched in the sadness of the sun.
I let the sorrow mold over my skin and let it shape me into the memory of another.
Like men, there are colors that I cannot forget.


My Constant, My Muse
A poem from “Red Dreams and Whiskey Thoughts”

I used to soar in various shades of men,
easily blending and breathing on oil canvases.
Their troubles were thick, layered over, and my dreams were nothing then –

In that nightly loneliness,
I craved the darkness, the stars of my mind.
I wanted to compose lullabies with the sound of my breath,
And searched for a wise muse to teach me the sense of closeness.

But my thoughts couldn’t glimmer in place of remembering colors past
And I feared a haunting sleep
Until I found soft arms,
Strong enough to lull me on the hard nights ahead,
And thereafter,
On colorful nights when my soul is dancing with you.


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