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marcos photo classroomMarcos McPeek Villatoro is a Double-American writer from two cultures: El Salvador (on his mother’s side), and the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains (his dad). He’s the author of six novels, a couple of poetry collections and a memoir. He’s written and performed on PBS and NPR, and made the documentary “Camino Tamalero” (Tamale Road), which he and his family filmed in El Salvador.

Marcos performs and lectures throughout the country, telling stories from both his cultures, and reciting the works of other poets (this fall he will perform W.H. Auden’s “September 1, 1939,” at Mount St. Mary’s University. “It’s a poem that has helped me, in these chaotic, nasty times, to deal with the poison of misanthropy that was beginning to take root in my skull.”).

Marcos worked in Central America during the ’80’s and ’90’s (Nicaragua during the Sandinista-Contra War; and Guatemala, where he and his wife Michelle worked with local poor communities in grassroots organizing). After graduating from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 1998, Marcos and his family moved to Los Angeles, where he holds the Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair in Writing at Mount St. Mary’s University.

For more on his work, visit the website: marcosvillatoro.com

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  1. Hello Marcos

    I was in your creative class in 05, and loved it. I got a recent issue of ” The Mount” in the mail and checked out the video. Wow, it is powerful. I was married last year, so that is why the name change. I love your work. I grew up in East LA, and my Dad was in WW II, I have some photos of my grandmother to…..your work reminds me to honor all my family. I would love to share the photos with you that shows life of some unknown Mexicans and what they did. My grandmother sang opera in Mexico, my Dad was one of the first Latino boy scout leaders…..thanks again for all you do Jennifer

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