Are You a Writer? Make Sourdough Bread!

Here’s a little entertainment for your Thursday evening, as you head into the weekend.

One great habit to pick up if you’re a writer is to make sourdough bread. Because baking sourdough takes a long time. You have to stay in the house to keep an eye on it. There are long, long periods of it rising, which gives you time to get behind the typewriter.

But, committing yourself to owning a sourdough starter, well, it’s right up there with marriage. See that picture of a Ball jar? That is my starter, which got out of hand after I fed it with flour and water.

I have to feed it twice a week. I created it a year and a half ago, and haven’t left town since, because if I do, it might die. It’s a very, very sensitive living organism, teeming with bacteria. It demands attention. Sometimes I think it owns me.




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