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  • Ode to Instagram

    Ode to Instagram

    I stayed away from the thing for a long time. To me, it was just another waste of entire days, something that got in the way of reading poetry or having coffee with a real human being across the table. And, it is, or it can be. But, that’s a question of self-discipline. I stayed…

  • Exploding Cows

    Exploding Cows

    Hitchhiking was common in Nicaragua during the Sandinista-Contra war. So was waiting. If the enemy forces–the U.S. backed Contra–were nearby, the Sandinista military would close off all the roads, to keep civilians from getting caught in a battle. Then there were the cows. And the landmines. Michelle and I sat on the edge of a…

  • Cell Phones and Loneliness

    Cell Phones and Loneliness

    Here’s an interview I came across on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” it’s about a new study on cell phones, loneliness, mental health, etc.: Smart Phones & Loneliness