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  • About Literary Agents

    About Literary Agents

    Dear TWB Reader, This is the second of a series on fiction writing, specifically, what you do after you’ve finished your manuscript (in this case, a novel). Many ask me about literary agents, what they do, do they make you rich overnight, etc. Here, I share some of my own experiences with literary agents. I’ll call my […]

  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Write Shit

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Write Shit

    Dear TWB Reader, I posted this five months ago, when I finished a fiction manuscript. The next step was to send it to people so they could run it through their bullshit-meters, asking the fundamental question: does it work? In the next few days, I’ll share some updates with you. The thing is, this book […]

  • Marketing your novel: The Query Letter

    Marketing your novel: The Query Letter

    Don’t spend two years writing the Great American Novel and two weeks marketing it. It’s time to look at your novel differently: it is no longer your little baby, your creation, your Precious. It is now a product. Treat it as such; this professional mindset might help a little, when you start getting rejections. Which […]

  • Writers: Keep Your Day Job

    Writers: Keep Your Day Job

    When I tell someone that I’ve finished writing a novel, sometimes they ask, “So, when’s it coming out?” They know I have a number of novels already published. In their minds, I am an established writer, and each novel I produce ultimately goes to market. This ain’t the case, at all. The writing world is […]