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  • Your Death Is Not a Blip

    Your Death Is Not a Blip

    We all die. But, most people don’t like to think about that, which I think is a mistake. I find it helpful to consider my own death from time to time. It reminds me I’m alive. Poets help me to meditate on my own demise. A good poet will look death straight-on, and not flinch.…

  • “F**k You, Death.”

    “F**k You, Death.”

    We’ve been reading about Death in Robert Frost’s and Emily Dickinson’s poems. They’ve both got different voices, and different “angles” on dying. Now we have our friend, Dylan Thomas, the scotch-slugging, chain-smoking Welsh poet who gives us a little advice on facing our own death. “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” is one…