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  • José Orduña: Writing and Justice

    José Orduña: Writing and Justice

    I met José Orduña at the Associated Writing Program conference in Tampa, Florida this past spring. He had arrived at the conference about 48 hours after getting arrested in D.C. for civil disobedience, fighting for the rights of DACA recipients. José is a Professor of creative writing at the University of Nevada. His take on […]

  • Writing From the Classroom: Valeree Morales

    Writing From the Classroom: Valeree Morales

    Here is an essay that I find most engaging, provocative, and I bet a few of you out there might feel the same way. Valeree touches upon a subject matter that, in the Mexican/Mexican-American community, is a difficult one–what it means to be a “pocho.”  She’s a student at Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles, […]

  • Trump, Guns, and My Ill Mind

    Trump, Guns, and My Ill Mind

    After the most recent school shooting in Florida, President Trump blamed the mentally ill. The liberals jumped on him, but this time around, there was much more emphasis in the news on how dangerous mentally ill people can be. The Trump syndrome is rousing in my liberal, ostensibly intellectual acquaintances, something akin to how he […]

  • Poetry and Injustice

    Poetry and Injustice

    This week we pulled over from our regularly-scheduled program of. . .whatever it was I was gonna teach–maybe it was the villanelle form; anyway–we got off track in order to discuss the United States’ president’s decision to end the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The basics: DACA promised the children of immigrants two […]