In Speak of It, Marcos McPeek Villatoro explores how he channeled his Latino roots to come to terms with the childhood abuse he suffered at the hands of a relative in his home in Appalachia, and he recounts his ensuing struggle with mental illness.

The son of a Salvadoran mother and Scotch Irish father, Marcos spent much of his life struggling to break away from the trauma he suffered in childhood by striving to get closer to his Salvadoran heritage. His journey includes steeping himself in the Spanish language and Latin American literature, especially the work of Gabriel García Marquez; a stint in Nicaragua to report on a war there, followed by missionary work in Guatemala; and social-justice work with Mexican migrant farmworkers in Alabama. Each experience brought him closer to understanding where he came from and to forging an identity as a whole self in the wake of trauma.

Riveting, horrifying, moving, and inspiring, Speak of It is a testament to the healing power of language, books, and identity.