Month: March 2018

  • Next Week: Audio Book Podcast

    Next Week: Audio Book Podcast

    The last few weeks, The Writing Bull Podcast has focused on different tricks of the fiction trade, from creating interesting characters to outlining your plot. Those were writing classes. Now, it’s time to take a field trip. I’ve recorded my novel The Holy Spirit of My Uncle’s Cojones for the podcast, and will play it all next […]

  • Why I’m better off living in a war zone

    Why I’m better off living in a war zone

    Three months ago I had a psychotic attack, one brought on by  childhood trauma and a heavy batch of manic depression. It was horrible. My family, I put them through hell one more time. Since then, I have been writing myself out of the madness. This blog has been a place for me to think […]

  • War Moments: The Orange

    War Moments: The Orange

    I will never forget the man with the orange. Michelle and I were packed in the back of a truck, alongside twenty other hitchhikers. It was six in the morning and already hot as hell. Nicaragua during the dry season–the dust, the winds, the sun that decided to get closer to the region that day, […]

  • Exploding Cows

    Exploding Cows

    Hitchhiking was common in Nicaragua during the Sandinista-Contra war. So was waiting. If the enemy forces–the U.S. backed Contra–were nearby, the Sandinista military would close off all the roads, to keep civilians from getting caught in a battle. Then there were the cows. And the landmines. Michelle and I sat on the edge of a […]

  • Learning, and losing (at the most inconvenient times), your Spanish

    Learning, and losing (at the most inconvenient times), your Spanish

    In Nicaragua, Michelle and I lived way up north, near Honduras. Managua, the country’s capital, is in the south, and a long way away, especially for hitchhikers. That’s how everyone got around: standing on the shoulder, sticking out a finger (not your thumb–in Nicaragua, you point to where you want to go), waiting for a […]