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Instagram: Testing Testing 1-2-3

Marcos McPeek Villatoro of Mount St. Mary's University in Los Angeles practices his Shakespeare...and he needs practice.

So I’m about to embark on a fun summer project.

Michelle and I have four kids, and throughout their childhoods I told them stories. Now, they’re all grown up and huge, and until they start giving me some grandkids, and since it’s summer (which means I can’t tell stories to my students), I figured, why not tell stories on Instagram?

So, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Now, this is a heck of a challenge. Instagram’s film clips can be only 60 seconds long. And I plan on telling a long, long story. One that my kids loved.

This is a clip that I made just to set up my cameras, so I’m in my pajamas, my hair looks like it needs a rabies shot and I haven’t had enough coffee. But I thought it’d be fun to show you how I play with camera angles. Also, though you can’t see it, I’ve got a powerful mic for the audio.

I shot it, mixed it in Adobe Premiere, which is a film editing program, for practice. And I used a piece of Shakespeare just to have something to say.

Enjoy. And, in about a week, I’ll send you a note when I have the story filmed, and you can watch it at your leisure on Instagram!

All best,


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