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Next Week: Audio Book Podcast

The Holy Spirit of My Uncle's Cojones, a novel by Marcos McPeek Villatoro

The last few weeks, The Writing Bull Podcast has focused on different tricks of the fiction trade, from creating interesting characters to outlining your plot.

Those were writing classes. Now, it’s time to take a field trip.

I’ve recorded my novel The Holy Spirit of My Uncle’s Cojones for the podcast, and will play it all next week, in four parts. So, if you’re a books-on-tape kind of person, well, next week is all for you.

I wrote this book in 1997. It is a bildungsroman, which is a novel that deals with one’s formative years or spiritual education. Some call it an autobiographical novel. That’s fine, because some of what happened in this novel, happened in real life.

It’s about an Appalachian-Salvadoran teenager who wants to commit suicide, so his mother sends him to live with his wild-ass, womanizing, macho-driven uncle Jack Villalobos for the summer, to wake him up to life.

It’s a comedy. I call it my family-erotica novel. Because family–a Salvadoran family, and what they do to take care of one of their own, in this case, a suicidal nephew–plays a big role. And erotica, because sex plays a fundamental role in the plot.

And it’s pure Salvadoran. The whole story is about a kid coming to find his Salvadoran roots. Once he finds them, great things happen.

And for me, the most important theme of the book is this: Living in fear is not living.

So, sit back, relax in your car or tub or wherever you listen to your podcasts, and enjoy a freebie audio book, starting on Monday.



You can find “The Holy Spirit of My Uncle’s Cojones” at Amazon

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