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Trump, Guns, and My Ill Mind

Guns and mental illness. But, who, really, are the crazy people?

After the most recent school shooting in Florida, President Trump blamed the mentally ill. The liberals jumped on him, but this time around, there was much more emphasis in the news on how dangerous mentally ill people can be. The Trump syndrome is rousing in my liberal, ostensibly intellectual acquaintances, something akin to how he roused the racist tendencies of most white Americans.

Here is what I mean: People get on Trump for saying outlandish things. He represents the hate of the alt-right (a.k.a. fascists). He’s voiced America’s deep-rooted misogyny; his hatred for women is palpable.

And now, the mentally ill. I don’t see the same outcry as before, a rushing to the side of our U.S. brethren who suffer in their minds. When some people hear that I have suffered mental breakdowns, they look at me differently. Shock, confusion; and in their eyes, even though they’d deny it, Trump sits.

I’ve had two general reactions to the earlier essays on my mental breakdown. 1: those who empathize, or who know mental illness of one form or another, and who are thankful that I’m writing about it, and 2: those who look like they want to run for the hills.

This country fears the mentally ill. Which means, even the smartest among us get stupid, and begin to believe what the president says: Guns aren’t the problem, crazy people are.

I’ve no more time nor patience for these people. Once someone acts like that before me, I cut them out of my life. Because a bipolar’s life is usually a short one. I’m not talking about suicide, though that’s always in the room. After so many psychotic blows, the mind just gives out. It can’t send any more signals to the heart, lungs, liver. This disease will, in the end, kill me (unless, of course, something else comes along). Saying this frees me up. When I’m healthy, I live fully, more than sane people do.

Sane people. Gun owners. They suffer a mental sickness: they stink of fear. And they hate, to the point of psychosis. Our children get mowed down in schools and they go on squawking about gun rights. No one has the balls to say the truth: We need to get rid of the Second Amendment. No one in this country needs to own a gun.

Think about it: what does it mean, a nation that has regular school massacres and does nothing about it? Isn’t that a little, well, crazy? Especially when the solution is so simple?

I step out of my home asylum, after two months of convalescence, into a world that needs a trip to the psyche ward. That’s one thing about coming out of a mental break—as you convalesce, you can see the warped psychology of others, all around you. The ones who continue to do the same thing, over and again, even though it is dangerous. Even though it murders children. This, truly, is madness.

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